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Costanza, passione, voglia di fare, perseveranza sono le qualità che contraddistinguono la realtà greca dei Sorrows Path, una band attiva da oltre tre lustri ma che per un motivo o l'altro ha sempre dovuto rinviare il proprio debutto discografico, abbiamo dovuto attendere il 2010 per vedere alla luce questo "The Rough Path Of Nihilism" e vi anticipo subito che n'è valsa la pena.

Formazione che vive di classicismi, inutile dire che fra le fonti da cui attingono vi sono i Candlemass, i Solitude Aeturnus e quella vena epica che nei lavori di queste band è riscontrabile, ci sono la drammaticità e la poetica del gotico decadente e una propensione a solcare territori tendenti al power e al progressivo ma rimanendo ancorati fedelmente a un sound che per quanto pulito e delineatissimo non perde mai quel gusto retrò.

Pomposo e orientaleggiante nei tratti, l'album è la dimostrazione di come la dedizione di questi musicisti ellenici sia divenuta la spinta per comporre un'opera fantastica, le tracce pur evocando la presenza di act storici mantengono una personalità distinta, ogni componente funziona alla perfezione siano i cori di "The Beast", l'uso delle tastiere in "Getting Closer", il fluire di un songwriting maturo e devastante nel creare riff d'acchiappo nell'accoppiata composta da "Queen Of Doom" e "Prostitute" di cui i Black Sabbath sarebbero orgogliosi o nel decidere di assumere forma più minacciosa e pesante con la mattonata "Dirty Game", non esistono attimi vuoti o privi di mordente.

Il fascino oscuro dell'opener "All Love Is Lost", il delirio di voci che si insinuano nella caotica e misteriosa "Fetish" e una "Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts" capace di trascinarvi all'interno di un vortice che ve la farà mettere in replay più volte bramanti nell'attesa che finisca per ripremere il tastino triangolare non fanno che aumentare il piacere nello scoprire un gruppo che ha nella faretra molteplici frecce da poter scoccare conoscendo i metodi adatti nell'usarle.

I membri svolgono i propri compiti in maniera esemplare e supportati da una produzione cristallina che valorizza ogni singolo respiro all'interno del platter, non si può far altro che ascoltare "The Rough Path Of Nihilism" a un volume decisamente alto lasciandosi trascinare dall'inneggiare della voce di Angelos cantando e facendosi possedere dal fiume di note e dalle atmosfere che vi confluiscono.

Chiunque si ritenga un seguace, un adoratore fedele delle sonorità doomiche non può e non deve farsi sfuggire quest'opera, è un acquisto di cui non vi pentirete.

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Greek band Sorrows Path have been together for over 17 years but as far as I am aware this is their first full length album keeping in mind that the 2006 album Resurrection was just two previously released demos put together on the one CD. Known as a doom-band, they don't really strike me as being a doom band at all, power metal is a more accurate tag to put on them although they do have some doom elements that weave throughout their songs. They also have a very progressive, technical side which doesn't fit within the doom metal genre too well but musical tags aside, the band is very good so it is great to finally see this album released. From what I know, the band have a succession of bad luck over the years which has caused the band to be put on hold many times so maybe that is why this album is so strong. Sometimes your battles and demons can shape a record and actually make it stronger and it has seemed to have worked here on "The Rough Path of Nihilism."

Power, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and elements of a Candlemass kind of trad-doom are all combined into the sound of Sorrows Path but it is the dramatic nature of their songs that is their strong point and all that begins on the album opener, "All Love is Lost." Starting quietly with an acoustic intro, the tune soon gets expanded into a mid-tempo, adventurous tune especially in the lead playing of Kostas Salomidis. It seems a little simple at first but dig a little deeper and you will find a fairly complex piece of music. The voice of Angelos Ioannidis is filled with emotion and feeling while the rest of the band are extremely tight and precise. Don't expect any vintage sounds here either, the production is very modern so it can seem a bit sterile in places but the sound is huge and powerful just the same. "The Beast" is a nice following track that has a very infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head after the album is done. "Honestly..." strikes me a being one of the weaker tracks but still good as it is played with such a huge amount of passion and again the musicianship is incredible. "Fetish" verges on the psychedelic but also has some very haunting moments. The guitar work is again, simply mesmerizing but the song itself could be better.

"Dirty Game" is a major highlight and one of the more doom-laden tracks on the album. Sounding a little in the vein of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, this track has a great vocal performance and an aggressive edge that is very memorable even after just one spin of the disc. This track must go down well live as it seems made for it. "Mr. Holy" seems like pure filler to me as it is much more simple that most of the rest of the tunes and seems fairly generic compared to their usual style. "Getting Closer" is very atmospheric via the use of keys and female vocals. The haunting atmosphere is one of the great moments on the album but every-time I listen to it, I wish it was longer. "Queen of Doom" raises the standard once again with what is my favorite track on the album. It is the band in trad-doom mode again and this could quite easily fit onto a Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus album. The powerful emotional element along with some killer hooks via the riffs really make this an excellent composition and the leads are again, mind-blowing. "Prostitute" is very much in a technical "Black Sabbath" vein and listen to the riffing on this tune for some jaw-dropping guitar work. "Hymn of Differentiation" is more filler to me, more simple and sounds a little out-of-place to me. "Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts" is another major highlight so you wont want to hit stop till you hear this one. The great lyrics, melodies and infectious chorus makes this essential listening and there is a video for this on YouTube so go check it out. The album ends on the track, "Nihilism" that sums up their signature sound in one track, a powerful technical prog-power-doom hybrid.

This is mostly a great album but with a few filler moments but the highlights really over-shadows any weakness that the recording has. The prog-rock time signatures might throw the more traditional doom-metal listener but if you are a fan of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, While Heaven Wept and the dark sounds of Paul Chain and even Black Hole, you should find much to admire on this album. They have seemed to have found a fine balance between all the styles I have mentioned and musically, this band is a precise band of musicians. It is a must-listen for heavy-metal fans looking for something a bit more complex and technical while still retaining a strong doom vibe.

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Eternal Terror

Greece for decades has been a country with a deep, rich tradition for epic, power and doom metal bands. Where they struggled in the past to gain recognition to bring their domestic output to a bigger stage would be in the less than ideal production values. This Athens-Greece quintet started back in 1993, and if you read their biography through their website you’ll wonder how they’ve been able to persevere through the years. Tragic motorcycle accidents, the death of a drummer due to a brain disease, mandatory 2 year military service - plus lineup shuffling - explains why Sorrows Path haven’t released a debut album until now.

They say trials and tribulations make humans stronger because of resiliency. "The Rough Path Of Nihilism" provides the listener with 12 songs rich in the traditional doom approach along with exotic cultural passages and occasional epic arrangements that took my ears and sent me on a magical, mystical journey to another world. Vocalist Angelo Ioannidis has that evil, sinister voice that can sustain notes for days, commanding in a Robert Lowe way through the higher passages and yet can also convey a heavier, darker tone when he chooses to sing in the lower octaves. Musically the band certain love Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Memento Mori - but will often add a Middle Eastern flavor to riffs and transitions such as the opener “All Hope Is Lost” and “Dirty Game”. They also add in an operatic element from time to time while still keeping the tempos slow or at best middle of the spectrum, recalling the power effect of Kamelot in a standout track like “Getting Closer”.

Bassist Stavros Giannakos doesn’t relegate his playing to background status - often providing a progressive complement with guest keyboardist/producer Vangelis Yalamas on a twisted, heavier cut like “Fetish” that illustrates Sorrows Path maturity and original slant on the normal doom arrangement. The guitar tones have that down tuned, dreary sense of despair that one expects from a classic doom act - and drummer Fotis Mountouris isn’t afraid to mix up straight, slow tempos with occasional bursts of double bass and off-time snare/cymbal action.

What’s scary is I believe the best is still yet to come for Sorrows Path. Let’s hope the follow up doesn’t take another decade to fall into our hands.

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Forgotten Scroll

Since their re activation Greek Doom Metallers Sorrows Path have presented to the masses a profile of really hard working band making careful steps in the underground. First it was the re presentation of their early demo recordings from the 90s under the Resurrection CD, secondly their selective live appearances in various places and thirdly their latest album on Germany's Rock It Up Records that marks a new chapter in the band's saga and it is actually the result of three years hard work to compose and record the twelve songs of this masterpiece.

If you are familiar with Sorrows Path from their early demo days or form their Resurrection CD you should already be familiar with the fact that Sorrows Path are actually creating a very special, unique sound of their own re presenting Doom Metal standards under a more complex and technical basis. The concept is almost the same in the latest album. You can clearly listen to Doom Metal riffs, dramatical melodies and crystal clear vocals -features that would be the top ones on every Epic Doom Metal record you could think-, but in Sorrows Path's sound you can add those double guitar melodies, those complex rhythm parts, those adventurous tempo changes that makes their music be something much more than typical Doom Metal. Generally here we are dealing with a mix of Doom, Power and Prog Metal, everything under the dark prism of Sorrows Path.

“All Love Is Lost” starts with an acoustic interlude soon to give the main spot on an expanding riff ala Crimson Glory while its main part is marked by a mid tempo Doom riff and the haunted voice of Mr. Angel Ioannidis. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is an outstanding mid tempo anthem and let me point that it is showing its power mainly in the chorus which is one of the best parts in the song. A more careful listening should bring to front the magnificent leads and this very special complex and adventurous rhythm section that is an extremely strong feature in the entire album. Stavros Giannakos on the bass-axe and Fotis Mountouris behind the drum kit have done an excellent job.

The chorus of “The Beast” is probably one of the most memorable ones in the entire record (yes it is actually another track having a chorus that would stick on your mind like the first one, but in "The Beast", the chorus is the song's moniker). This track together with the first one are for sure excellent “live tracks” their entire force can be shown on stage. “Dirty Game” is probably one of the heavier tracks that the band have composed -both musically and lyrically- on their live shows they are adding some growling vocals on its chorus and it really rocks. In “Queen Of Doom” and “Prostitute” the band gives some lessons of excellent riffing. I remember first hearing “Queen Of Doom” on their support to Solitude Aeturnus and I was left simply speechless. This is already a classic by Sorrows Path. Excellent riffing, magnificent leads by Mr Kostas Salomidis and a deadly atmosphere spread to the song. “Prostitute” is the silent tribute of the band to Black Sabbath, listen to its main riffs and you should get the point, another killer tune in here.

“Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts” is the best song of the entire album. I have caught myself listening to it 20 times without stopping, each time getting more and more addicted to it. Great starting melody, great main riff and chorus, great lyrics. In total wisdom the band selected this one to be their first video clip, check it out.

I have started to point out my favorites from the album having already pointed almost half of the record, I could have written even more for each track in here but enough is enough. The main point is that this is for sure an album not to be ignored. If you are into Doom Metal this should be the next piece of your collection for sure, moreover this could be a fine album for you if you still search for some complex, technical and adventurous steel.

Before I finish this let me add that the production is crystal clear and heavy doing justice to the music trapped in the CD.

Finally a big “well done” to the band for offering us such a great album.

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Hard City

Οι Sorrows Path κυκλοφόρησαν τη νέα τους δουλειά με τίτλο "The Rough Path of Nihilism" . Εξαιρετική δουλειά για τους Έλληνες που αξίζουν την προσοχή όλων μας, με το ατμοσφαιρικό doom metal που μας δίνουν απλόχερα ταξιδεύοντας μας σε μονοπάτια γεμάτα από συναισθήματα και μοναδικές εικόνες ψυχικού πόνου. Είμαι σίγουρος για την επιτυχία τους διότι πρόκειται για ένα πολύ δεμένο σύνολο, με εξαιρετικές δημιουργικές ικανότητες, παίζοντας με μοναδικό τρόπο που τον συναντούμε σε μεγάλα μόνο συγκροτήματα ξεχωρίζοντας εμφανώς από τον σωρό . Το άλμπουμ κυκλοφόρησε τον Οκτώβριο στην Ευρώπη και είναι η δεύτερη δουλειά των Sorrows Path ακολουθώντας το ντεμπούτο τους Resurrection του 2006. Υπογράψανε συμβόλαιο με την Rock it up Records και επανέρχονται φέτος ανανεωμένοι δίνοντας μας ένα μοναδικό διαμάντι της Doom metal μουσικής σκηνής.

Το τραγούδι που ανοίγει το δίσκο είναι το ALL LOVE IS LOST και αποτελείται από δύο μέρη : Το πρώτο μέρος LOST INNOCENCE δημιουργεί μια μοναδική ατμόσφαιρα και σπρώχνει τον ακροατή σε ένα μουσικό και ψυχικό ταξίδι με στοίχους που μας τρυπούν στη κυριολεξία τη ψυχή. Το δεύτερο μέρος LOST YOUTH αποτελεί ένα ξέσπασμα του γκρουπ με riffs και solos που μας μεταφέρουν σε ένα κόσμο καθαρά μεταλλικό δείχνοντας πως πρέπει να είναι στις μέρες μας το Doom Metal.

Όλο το άλμπουμ κινείται σε αυτό το επίπεδο. Στοίχοι γεμάτοι από συναίσθημα και πόνο, κιθάρες καταλύτης που χτίζουν ένα φανταστικό οικοδόμημα ακολουθώντας τους ρυθμούς του μπάσου και των ντραμς. Τέλος η φωνή του Άγγελου Ιωαννίδη είναι καταπληκτική και δένει με το υπόλοιπο γκρουπ θυμίζοντας λίγο από Dio αλλά με τρόπο καθαρά προσωπικό.

Κατά τη γνώμη μου λοιπόν είναι ίσως το καλύτερο doom metal άλμπουμ που έχω ακούσει τα τελευταία χρόνια και δεν υπάρχει περίπτωση να απογοητεύσει κανέναν.

Στην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα των Sorrows Path μπορείτε να βρείτε όποια πληροφορία θέλετε για το γκρουπ και το νέο άλμπουμ τους.

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Heavy Realm

Endlich haben die Power Doomer SORROWS PATH es geschafft mit "The Rough Path of Nihilis" einen Longplayer fertig zu stellen und auch gleich einen Deal bei kleinen aber feinen Label Rock It Up Records zu bekommen. Wer sich im Power Doom Metal und insbesondere bei SORROWS PATH auskennt, wird sagen: halt da war doch schon 2006 ein Album (Resurrection)! Richtig, das war aber eine Art Best Off und enthielt die beiden Demos der Band. Nun aber mehr zu dem neuen Album "The Rough Path Of Nihilis" von den 4 Jungs aus Athen. Geboten wird auf den fast 60 Minuten des Longplayers alles was man sich bei einer Power Doom Scheibe wünscht. Tonnen schwere Riffs unterstützt mit ein alles zerdrückenden Rhythmusfraktion aber über allem steht der helle Gesang von Angelos Ioannidis. Der dem Sound von SORROWS PATH den Stempel aufdrückt und ganz klar aufzeigt wo es lang gehen soll auf "The Rough Path Of Nihilism". Mir persönlich fallen zu diesem Sound immer wieder solche Bands, wie die aus Malta stammenden FORSAKEN oder die göttlichen SOLITUDE AETURNUS ein. SORROWS PATH haben zwar noch nicht ganz die Klasse der eben erwähnten Bands aber sie sind ganz klar auf dem Weg dahin. Es steckt verdammt viel Potenzial in der Truppe, so das ich gespannt bin was in der Zukunft von SORROWS PATH noch so kommt.

Jeder Power Doom Metal Fan sollte der Truppe mal eine Chance geben ich bin mir eigentlich ziemlich sicher, das ihr es nicht bereuen werdet!!!

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This Greek doom band came my way a while ago to let me know about their debut coming out in Oct and here it is in all its glory. From the opening track “All Love is Lost” with its instrumental and proggy initial feel that suddenly turns into a more doom metal track about 2 minutes in, but never losing the prog/doom feel. As a confirmed prog metal/prog rock/prog doom nut, I can totally hear and feel the classic Italian prog/doom in this track and throughout the album so fans of: Paul Chain, Antonius Rex, Black Hole, Malombra, Abiogenessi, etc. jump on this one quick but don’t expect anything retro or vintage sounding as the production and sounds are top quality. Just expect the depth, heavy riffs, grooves, the dynamic organ/keyboard backdrop, theatrical vocals and lyrics, and the circular prog time signatures that makes this style of doom so enticing and timeless. Sorrows Path are a talented young band to watch out for.

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Ice Vajal

The band from Greece have played since 1993, but they had to wait until 2006 before their first record Resurrection was released, and it is time for their new release, this one is called The Rough Path Of Nihilism. The band play in a good heavy style, but with many different directions inside their music, and this album give the impression of skilled musicians all the way through. In the beginning they were inspired by doom metal like Momento Mori and Candlemass, but now their music sounds more inspired by Iron Maiden, on two of the songs there are clear references to the Maiden song To Tame A Land.

Despite the albums 12 songs quantity they don't get enough output of the product in my view, too many weak spots in the productions and the songs. Must be frustrating to make a CD that differ so much in quality as this one does. Some of the songs are almost anonymous, and then there are the songs The Beast, Getting Closer, Queen Of Doom, which all have superb quality with deep and dark content like dangerous sounds from the forests. The two best songs are: Prostitute - here we get very melodic doom like guitars, a splendid heavy rhythm in a build-up that reminds of Grave Digger.

Nihilism - is also among the two best songs on this album, again a very heavy rhythm, but clearly inspired by Iron Maiden.

Maybe the problem is that it is after all only their second album despite their 17 years of playing together. However there have been some changes in the bands line-up, so it have not been serious all the time. Lets see what their next album brings, I look forward to it.

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Lords of Metal

Sorrows Path from Greece was founded in 1993 with the intention to create doom metal inspired by bands like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Memento Mori. After a demo and a promo from 1994 and 1996 respectively the band was put on ice in 1998 to be defrosted in 2005. A year later the two older recordings were released as a CD and the band started working on new material. That has lead to this album, which in fact is their debut.

You can hear really well that Solitude Aeturnus is their main source of inspiration although you can’t say they’re blatant copycats. These guys added some progressive elements to their music and here and there you even hear some Middle-Eastern passages. So, Sorrows Path does have an own identity but still there’s something lacking here, persuasiveness. You really have to listen to this album multiple times to appreciate it because otherwise it won’t stick. Angelos Ioannidis’ vocals are far from world class and you need to adjust to his style too. Not a bad album, but neither an album that leaves an instant lasting impression.

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Lucifer Speaks

Sorrows Path released “The Rough Path of Nihilism” in October last year, but – since I’ve just found out about it, I’m going to treat it as a brand new release. The album opens with “All Love is Lost”, a goth-laden doom piece that reminds me quite a bit of something The Foreshadowing would release. However, Sorrows Path’s vocalist is very different and his vocals lean more towards the Traditional Heavy Metal sound than I would have expected… and it works really well once you’ve adjusted to it. With that said though, this first track doesn’t really grab me.

“The Beast (S.P.R)” is a completely different… er… beast. It captivates me where the previous track failed to do so, and I keep finding myself reaching for the volume to turn it up a little bit louder. A truly powerful track from beginning to end. “Honestly…” sees the band take a slightly different turn and it sounds slightly more aggressive in comparison to the other tracks. We’re no longer in Doom territory here, I’d say this was straight up metal. “Honestly…” is not instantly catchy, but it did grow on me after a couple of listens.

“Fetish” is a fantastically dark track. On my first listen, I have to admit to dismissing it as a ‘filler’ track, but further listens have proved me wrong. The operatic vocals in the middle of the track really give it a dramatic edge. Again, it’s more of a Traditional Heavy Metal song, than a Doom song, but it’s still worth a listen (or several!).

“Dirty Game” pulls us back to the world of Doom with it’s Candlemass-inspired sound. It’s very nearly my favourite on the album, but it just loses out (we’ll get to my favourite in a bit). I found “Mr. Holy” to be relatively forgettable. It’s saved to some degree by the excellent musicianship, but unfortunately it’s not enough for me to get excited by the track. “Getting Closer” brings the quality back up and is quite a haunting piece.

“Queen of Doom” is my favourite on the album. This is where it feels like everything has fallen into place for Sorrows Path, and it manages to tick all of the right boxes. The riff and pace of “Prostitute” take a very traditional approach to the Doom genre – more so than the other tracks on the album. I really like riff in “Hymn Of Differentiation” and the track seems to fall into the realms of Power Metal in places. On “Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts” the guitars have a really beautiful tone, making me want to return to the track pretty much as soon as it’s finished playing.

Overall, this is an album with multiple personalities. On one hand, it’s clear that Sorrows Path are heavily influenced by the Doom genre, but other sub-genres – such as Traditional Metal and Power Metal – have worked their way onto the album. I’m not sure if this is by design, or just a subconscious thing for the band. The production is really good, but it almost feels as if it’s too good. The album does (to me at least) feel a little bit clinical and sterile in places. In terms of musicianship, there is no problem here – these guys definitely know how to play their instruments! The album closes with “Nihilism” – another grower. It may take one or two listens to ‘click’ with you, but once it does the melody gets stuck in your head.

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Metal Invader

SORROWS PATH is an athenian doom metal band from Greece. It's their first attempt after 14 years ( it was 1996 when they released their first demo) of hard work, tragedies they have to leave behind and tremendous will to move on.

But the strength the band showed through all these years isn't the only thing SORROWS PATH are proud for. Their debut album is an example of heavy/power/doom metal at its finest. Yes it reminds me a lot the genre definers CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS but there a lot more in 'The Rough Path of Nihilism'. There's a lot of experimentation and atmospheric, oriental melodies and inspired guitar work. This is heavy doom metal where every tone is empowered by deep and heavy riffs backed up with rich drumming.

I don't know how many loyal SORROWS PATH-fans waited patiently their first album but surely all doom-metal fans of MEMENTO MORI,SOLITUDE AETERNUS and CANDLEMASS can appreciate 'The Rough Path of Nihilism'. Nice artwork by Seth Siro Anton (PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, SOILWORK, EXODUS) that suites fine with the music material. (in fact it's like S.S. Anton mixed PARADISE LOST's 'One Second' and MOONSPELL's 'Night Eternal ' covers but anyway that's nothing to do with the band or maybe it's just my idea).

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Metal Perspective

Most of us are aware of the unluckiness of the Greek doom metalers Sorrows Path. But one more definite fact than the bad fortune that escorts this band is that they are a true gem that decorates the Greek scene; a scene that often is filled with arrogant and unproductive acts. Sorrows Path were always consistent and their attitude was rewarded by the German Rock It Up Records. Formally this is their second album, but actually this is their debut album, as "Resurrection", the 2006 album issued by the home of cult heavy metal Eat Metal records, was a collection of old, then remixed, songs.

There aren't much to say about "The Rough Path of Nihilism". It is a transparent release that keeps no secrets. Influenced by the likes of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Memory Garden and - slightly - by Memento Mori, "The Rough Path of Nihilism" is a solid proof that you can be faithful to your roots and at the same time progress and reveal your own identity. Part of this identity can be attributed to the unique voice of Angelos Ioannidis. I dare to say that without him Sorrows Path would be a completely different and less recognizable band.

The band is confident. You can sense it from second one, from the serene start of "All Love is Lost", to the final moments of "Nihilism". The four-piece has intelligently introduced a few traditional/middle eastern music elements that spice the final outcome. If I had to stand out a couple of tunes, then I would distinguish "Mr. Holy", "Queen of Doom", "The Beast" and "Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts" (also the video clip of the album). I already commented on Ioannidis' contribution, but I must also say that Kostas Salomidis continuously improves his guitarwork and he has made a remarkable progress in most of his soloing. If you don't believe me, then check "Mr. Holy". What should I say for the rhythm section, comprised by Stavros Giannakos and Fotis Mountouris? They are the section that every doom metal would seek; stable, solid and groovy. The bass lines of Giannakos in many songs, such as "Dirty Game", are simply magnificent and add another dimension to the music, while Mountouris' pounding is simple transforming the songs with its "nerve" and accuracy. Check "Mr. Holy" (you have already understand which is my favorite track, don't you?) and "Fetish" if you don't believe me.

The bad things are the ones that other bands would strive to achieve. What do I mean? I mean that the album has a crystal clear production with unusual for the band - and the genre in general - complex orchestrations. My personal belief is that this fits to a progressive metal band instead of a doom metal one. Is this something to blame the band for? Probably yes. The album is way too polished and the orchestrations often cross the borders of the doom metal field. Once again, should we blame the band for showing courage to experiment? Normally not. But I would insist that the songs are filled with unnecessary details, such as the numerous keyboard parts and female vocals, a combination which is peaking extremely annoying in "Fetish". On the other side, the backbone of their compositions is simple and direct; the doom metal way of doing things. The second negative point is the cover, which is too cold and static. Once again outside the doom metal mentality.

But, and this is a serious but, these issues are minor compared to the music of the album. The songs are test through many live events and exhibit the fact that Sorrows Path are more mature than ever. Hopefully this time the band will set the foundations for a long-term, uninterrupted presence. Deep in our hearts we know that the true ambassadors of Greek doom metal are Sorrows Path and we are damn proud of that.

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Metal to Infinity

Once again Rock It Up records surprised me! I had never heard of Sorrows Path before but a few weeks ago I received their CD from the label and ever since I kept on listening to it. Nor the CD cover nor the booklet showed that something special was coming! But the first notes, this intro…. Amazing! I’m into this CD since I received it, kept on listening to it ever since and I suppose I will keep on listening forever and a day I suppose…

Let me tell you what Sorrows Path is all about! This is first class Progressive Power / Doom Metal from the kind I haven’t heard in such a long time! Especially the atmosphere is ideal in this snowy weather, perfect! I don’t even have to imagine the cold landscapes, they’re already there when I look outside… At least it brings me in the right mood to describe this album. The opening track “All Love Is Lost” keeps on playing in my mind and I assure you I have listened to it time after time. It spooks into my mind and the melancholy is dripping out of it! The choruses and refrains are constantly in my mind and this is just the beginning…

All over the years Doom Metal has maintained several faces but to especially the traditional kind of Doom Metal has been interesting, has been a genre I could listen to for hours. Solitude Aeturnus, Krux, Candlemass on the on hand but a Progressive injection into this kind of music has always been well tasted by me. Veni Domine for example is a band I really adore! Sorrows Path is a band that goes into the direction of Veni Domine and that’s enough to get me under their spell. Maybe you can add a bit of Slough Fegg to get the entire picture of what this band really is about.

Constantly Sorrows Path weaves melancholic elements into their music, an angelic voice, a peaceful acoustic piece, some bombastic choirs or classical intermezzos… But these elements are not standing alone, the band constantly plays with them, goes into duel with them, uses them to sound even more impressive! It’s the main reason why “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” takes the listener by the throat but I would be simple to explain why this album touches my soul so hard! Musical wise the band constantly offers rhythms that calms you down, that sucks you into the story of each single song!

Sorrows Path keeps of course the tempo slow but yet the music is so varied that every detail is more than interesting. The guitars are constantly in front, by heavy loaded riffs or by the fact the solos are leading their own life. No shredding or uncountable played notes but solos that are played with an immense emotional touch, another brand for this CD.

Angelos Ioannidis is the band’s singer and his clean voice fits the music perfectly. It’s especially his vocal sound that lifts the band up to a higher level, making the music more convincible. His vocal lines makes the music sound melodic, on a way this kind of music deserves. No high pitched vocals as in main Progressive bands but clean, touching… This guy has no problems laying all his emotions into his vocal lines, aggressive at the one kind, touching and even theatrical at the other!

Meanwhile I have heard once more this CD and I am pushing the play button once again. This means this release has its owns strength, has some kind of attraction that not that many bands are able to produce. These guys are from Greece but the atmosphere on this CD makes them universal, makes them a kind of band that is ready to conquer a part of the world wide Doom Metal scène! Without any doubts one of the best releases I’ve heard this year! Order this masterpiece at or

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Metal Temple

SORROWS PATH is the ‘bulletproof’ demonstration of hard work, Job’s patience and truthful faith; this Athenian doom Metal quartet from Greece just proved to many new born groups out there that you have to pass through iron and fire to get what you deserve, or not and then, live and go on with it. Fortunately, in SORROWS PATH case, we have a winner. After 14 years of non stop work and apparent improvement, Angelos Ioannidis and the boys get over their bad past and the tragic events that haunting them for years and finally, found the golden fount to drink the covetable water of success and press’ recognition with the first full length release of “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, an album that will change your doom Metal point of view for sure!

‘Let there be light’ and suddenly, the entire room was lighten this ‘path of sorrow’. 12 excellent compositions of authentic power doom Metal lying inside the CD with leaders the dramatic vocals, the unstoppable heavy Metal riffage, the pointing bass and the blow-minding drums, making “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” an essential need for every doomster, inside and outside the Greek borders. From “All Love Is Lost” that opens the album and the eerie (for the doom Metal culture) “Fetish”, till the very keyboard-ing “Getting Closer” and the unfaithful “Prostitute” (I really loved this one!), you are gonna find piece of mind and soul’s exaltation, satisfying the doom Metal standards and beyond, touching the gnarled music paths of MEMENTO MORI and MEMORY GARDEN in some tracks, bringing out the majesty of CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS in others.

But every victory is a matter of details: so, here we meet the crystal clear production of the German label Rock It Up Records, the awesome, atmospheric album artwork thanks to Seth Siro Anton (PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, SOILWORK, EXODUS) and of course, lots of inspiration that hasn’t the tension to reproduce older sounds of Doom Metal legends; on the contrary, the music directions are wandering about music experimentation and fresh elements, making the result a divine gift for our ears. We can find lots of Eastern oriented guitar-wise themes, atmospheric keyboards with a gothic touch, having Vangelis Yalamas as a guest musician and the well-worked obscure vocals that filled up nicely the entire picture of the debut SORROWS PATH album.

“The Rough Path Of Nihilism” is a masterpiece debut album waited for the light so long from a band that worked so hard and had so many barriers in the way and now, the time has come. I can not classify it between the top releases for 2010 because it’s a single category by itself but I could surely tell that is an album deserving your attention and pay you back to the maximum. I wish SORROWS PATH all the best for their continuing journey and I hope to catch them soon on the road.

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Metal Zone

Voici un album très étrange. Il commence vraiment calmement avec l'intro du titre "All Love is Lost", arpèges et voix lancinante pour aboutir sur un titre heavy à l'ambiance contrastée, au riff lourd, au tempo médium.

Mais dès le second titre, "The Beast (S.P.R.)", l'atmosphère se veut plus grave, l'air devient mystérieux, presque mystique.

Certes, la puissance est toujours au rendez-vous. Mais le chant particulier de Angelos Ioannidis atendance à filer la chair de poule.

Côté musique, le groupe navigue entre power et doom avec un aisance assez déconcertante. Mais ce qui attire l'attention, ce sont ces riffs ultra lourd, monté sur un rythmique tantôt lente, tantôt rapide mais toujours d'une efficacité redoutable.

Malheureusement, le combo grec a souvent tendance à tirer ses titres en longueur ce qui a la fâcheuse tendance à perdre l'attention de l'auditeur. Il n'est pas toujours aisé de suivre le fil conducteur de certains titres comme "Honestly...", "Getting Closer" ou encore "Hymn of Differentiation".

Par contre, mention spéciale pour "Queen of Doom", morceau le plus réussi de l'album grâce à son ambiance sombre, son intro dérangeante, ses vocaux dignes de CRIMSON GLORY ou ICED EARTH.

Enfin, ne noircissons pas trop le tableau, quelques bonnes idées sont disséminées tout au long du disque, idées noyée dans une production un peu trop puissante à certains moments, ce qui a tendance à gâcher une partie de l'écoute.

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Well, I can’t hide my satisfaction and this smile on my face for having here this promo cd from the Athenian outfit Sorrows Path. After 14 years (without counting the remastered demos) the band eventually made it and they got their debut album out!! For us, who we are familiar with the band’s past we know that despite the fact that tragic events occurred, these guys managed to get over all these bad situations and at last they their debut album “The Rough Path of Nihilism” is out from the German label Rock It Up Records.

Music wise Sorrows Path is somewhere between the lyricism of Solitude Aeturnus, the gigantic riffage of Candlemass , plus the majesty and musicianship of the well known Swedish Power Doom scene (Memento Mori, Memory Garden etc) with some strong progressive touches! Well, progressive but not in the way that i.e. Dream Theatre is, the friends of the Swedish doom metal scene will understand for sure what I mean.

So, despite the great musicianship on this particular release we also deal with something, which I consider more important, the dark, eerie atmosphere of the whole album. I am sure that this unique atmosphere occurs due to the unique voice of Angelos Ioannidis, which in specific parts reminds me of “darker” vocalists, although he is a metal vocalist. So If we add also the background use of keyboards you got the whole picture, of the “The Rough Path of Nihilism” atmosphere, that sometimes sound like “out of this world” for sure!

If the previous paragraph sounds a little bit weird, let me explain that “The Rough Path of Nihilism” is pure Heavy Doom Power album, with the classic music structure of the genre, lots of “Swedish” riffage, great solos, many melodic lines, and well bound rhythm section, plus some orchestral parts.

The cover and lay out is a creation of Seth, something that helps for sure the whole package

So if you feel like listening to something dark, obscure, well produced, with some distinctive differences from the classic sound of the doom metal genre and a Swedish essence, go get the album now!!

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Mundo Rock Heavy

Quizás uno de los pioneros del epic doom metal de corte clásico proveniente desde Grecia, con toda la carga mística que implica hablar de una agrupación proveniente de tan ancestrales tierras, fértil por cierto en este tipo de bandas amantes y cultoras del verdadero sonido del metal, de raíces más puristas que ya hemos visto en otros nombres tan potentes como Battleroar, Valor, Guardian Angel, Raging Storm y tantos otros, y es que sin duda estamos en presencia de gente que puede considerarse con toda justicia como de “épicos a la médula”, una banda casi de culto que vuelve luego de un largo silencio de cuatro años en que sus fanáticos de seguro esperaron tener la continuación perfecta a lo que fue “Resurrection”, un álbum que a pesar de lo bueno solo recogía prácticamente el material editado en sus demos noventeros de sus días de garaje. Los que gusten del sonido melancólico y profundo de gente como Solitude Aeternus, Trouble, All Soul’s Day o Candlemass, de seguro tendrán en los griegos otro nombre que los auxilie a sumirse en la total desesperanza.

Un álbum que se deja oír con todo gusto, demostrando pasión, garra metalera, un vocalista de registros dramáticos y versátiles como el de Angelos Ioannidis, más los riffs arrastrados y lastimeros por parte de Kostas Salomidis y Giannis Tziligkakis (menos mal que esto solo se escribe y lee, porque pronunciarlo te lo encargo, jejeje….) y en sí conteniendo un total de doce cortes totalmente encasillables en la vena más doom épica que comentábamos màs arriba. Escuchar temas como el inicial y melódico “All Love is Lost” es solo un buen aperitivo para un álbum que mantiene una tónica atmósfericamente insana, llena de malevolencia y que a través de sus melodías sangrantes te va poco a poco atrapando en su depresiva red de riffs sabáticos, sencillos y simples, pero con una vibra única en su especie. En “The Beast (S.P.R.) la voz de Ioannidis es protagonista absoluta, un registro que va impregnando de gran fuerza y emoción cada nota sumiéndonos en la más absoluta obscuridad. Los envolventes solos en un track como “Honestly…” son tal como su título lo indica la manera más verdadera de ir entregando un metal al modo en que Sorrow’s Path lo ha concebido para este álbum: un sonido funerario, sombrío, un metal perverso y denso como los grandes maestros solo saben hacer. Si incluso en “Fetish” la incorporación de unas voces más desgarradas (no precisamente death metal) no hacen más que confirmar el amplio abánico de posibilidades que estos griegos pueden ofrecer dentro del epic doom junto a esos coros deseperados y una pasada de cambios más orientados al progresivo con los que tan solo resta dejarse arrastrar a las profundidades del averno.

En lo personal, un álbum que impacta de inicio a fin, con una producción simplemente portentosa con temas “Dirty Game”, el majestuoso “Queen of Doom” o esa alucinada tan maravillosa en “Prositute”. Más que recomendarlo yo diría que se hace una obligación para cualquier metalhead que se precie de tal. Dejar pasar la oportunidad de oír una joya como esta no es algo que se de todos los días. Escucha algunos samplers desde su web aunque también han colgado algunos tracks desde su Myspace . Música verdadera desde el corazón.

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Neues aus dem Hause Rock it up Records: die Griechen von Sorrows Path servieren nach dem programmatisch betitelten 2007er Debüt „Resurrection“, welches lediglich Material von Mittneunziger-Demos enthielt, nunmehr ein letztendlich aktuelles Album namens „The Rough Path Of Nihilism“. Gegenüber dem doch recht durchwachsenen Vorgänger lässt sich eine eindeutige, gar erhebliche Steigerung feststellen. Die Produktion geht heuer durchaus in Ordnung, Gesangsleitung und Songwriting sind in der Power Doom-Bundesliga angekommen. Wer also epischen, kraftvollen, mitunter leicht vertrackten Doom ohne absolutistische Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung zu schätzen weiß, sollte Sorrows Path nunmehr unbedingt verdiente Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Oder anders ausgedrückt: wer Forsaken, Trinakrius, Memory Garden, Mirador, All Souls Day, Reflection, In Aevum Agere, Veni Domine oder Doomshine im Regal stehen hat, kommt auch an „The Rough Path Of Nihilism“ nicht vorbei. Acht Doomstones für diesen überzeugenden Longplayer! und

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Power Metal

SORROWS PATH sind eine griechische Underground-Doom-Kapelle, die mit "The Rough Part Of Nihilism" ihr zweites Studioalbum veröffentlichen. Wobei "Resurrection" eigentlich "nur" eine neuaufgenommene Kompilation aus vorangegangenen Demos war, welche immerhin schon zu Beginn der 90er aufgenommen wurden. Neue Hasen sind die Jungs also nicht.

Wobei man das mit dem Doom bei den Hellenen nicht allzu wörtlich nehmen darf, denn die Band ist nicht immer nur langsam und behäbig unterwegs, bleibt aber auch ein gutes Stück von den Power-Anleihen entfernt, die CANDLEMASS gerne einbaut. Nein, der Sound ist gerne episch und heavy, aber immer wieder auch ziemlich vertrackt, leicht technisch und beinahe thrashig angehaucht. Das manifestiert sich in diversen Breaks und Instrumentalparts, die vom traditionellen Doom tatsächlich meilenweit weg sind. Das gibt SORROWS PATH natürlich eine enorm eigenständige Note, was im üblicherweise nicht vor Abwechslung strotzenden Doom natürlich ein großer Vorteil sind.

Außerdem sorgt diese Vorgehensweise dafür, dass man nicht nach ein paar Durchläufen alle Feinheiten entdeckt hat, sondern der nihilistische Pfad so schwierig bleibt wie es der Albumtitel impliziert. Für die Geduld und Abenteuerlust wird der Hörer dann auch nach und nach mit ein paar feinen Refrains belohnt, die sich durchaus mit einer gewissen Nachhaltigkeit ins Ohr bohren. 'Queen Of Doom' ist dafür ein exzellentes Beispiel.

Allerdings muss man auch konstatieren, dass Angelos' Gesang durchaus gewöhnungsbedürftig, auf Dauer gar etwas ermüdend ist. Ich kann gar nicht so genau sagen, woran es liegt, aber so richtig spricht mich ausgerechnet der Gesang nicht an. Das sorgt natürlich für Abzüge in der B-Note, ändert aber nichts an der Tatsache, dass SORROWS PATH mit "The Rough Part Of Nihilism" ein starkes Genrealbum aufgenommen haben, das mit einem noch besseren Sänger sogar echte Standards setzen könnte. Wer beim Lauschangriff mit den Vocals klarkommt, kann die Scheibe also bedenkenlos einpacken.

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Power of Metal

Finally these Greeks succeeded in inking a record deal to release their debut album. 14 years of struggling and releasing demo (re-mastered or not) tapes, 'The Rough Path of Nihilism' is here. Expect all the doom aspects you know from the genre. Dark, atmospheric, obscure, slow, threatening riffs Swedish style (think Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus), background keyboards, emotional vocals and some progressive touches.

Besides Candlemass, Memento Mori and Memory Garden can also be added as influences. Angelos Loannidis, the vocalist does not only sing opera-like, but every now and then he sounds darker and lower. This makes the songs interesting and sees to it that it doesn't get boring. Of course the songs are rather long (not too long), but fortunately not all played slow, in several songs the tempo goes up to introduce the necessary variation. Take for example the rather up-tempo song "Mr Holy", it starts very atmospheric and the guitar riff is very strong. The musicianship of the several members is good and the songs have rather technical passages, you could call that progressive (but not in a Dream Theater way).

Nice debut, you can hear that the band has lots of years experience and that the songs are not written within a day. I can not predict whether or not they succeed to breaking through in the doom genre, but for doom fans this is certainly a band that will fit in the collection between the albums of Candlemass's Chapter VI and Solitude Aeturnus.

Listen to "Queen of Doom" and "Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts" on their MySpace and if you like what you hear, buy it.

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Rocinante Rock

A pesar de sufrir una gran crisis económica, Grecia se parece un poco a nuestro país en 2001. Aunque parezca mentira, muchos grupos de metal se enfrascaron en proyectos durante ese período que trajo tantas pérdidas para la economía del entretenimiento, el arte y la música. Sin embargo, ellos apostaron y pudieron salir indemnes de esa situación. Grecia está sumida en una crisis sin igual y, a pesar de todo, los artistas no dejan de trabajar. Este es el caso de SORROWS PATH, un grupo de Heavy / Doom Metal que viene batallando desde principios de los 90's, aunque recién este año pudieron lanzar su disco debut. Ya en 2006, habían lanzado a la venta un album llamado "Resurrection" a través del sello Eat Metal Records, lo que en realidad era una especie de compilado de sus primeros demos. Para esta ocasión la banda se compone de Angelos Ioannidis (voz), Kostas Salomidis (guitarras, único miembro fundador), Stavros Giannakos (bajo) y Fotis Mountouris (batería). La música de "The rough path of nihilism" gira en torno a un Doom Metal que tiene sus raíces en las grandes bandas del género, sobre todo CANDLEMASS, pero con el toque más Power que le dieron otros suecos ya desaparecidos que se llamaban MEMENTO MORI. También hacen gala en este disco algunos arreglos sinfónicos con voces soprano incluidas ("The beast: S.P.R.", "Fetish") y ciertas influencias arabesques ("Empty eyes and blackened hearts"). Por lo demás, hay muchísimos riffs oscuros y crujientes como los de CANDLEMASS y otros más cercanos a Tony Iommi, numerosos coros, una atmósfera escalofriante y una calidad de sonido excepcional, algo no muy típico de las bandas helenas que suelen escucharse por aquí. Es un trabajo delicado, preciso y contundente al mismo tiempo. Obviamente, no es para cualquiera, pero SORROWS PATH ha logrado quebrar la monotonía propia del género Doom, sin salirse siquiera por un momento del mismo estilo musical.

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Rock Overdose

Λιγες μερες πριν την επισημη κυκλοφορια του album οι Ελληνες SORROWS PATH μας εκαναν την τιμη να εχουμε πρωτοι στα χερια μας αυτη τη δουλεια!

Ας δουμε αρχικα λιγα πραγματα για το συγκροτημα.Σχηματιστηκαν αρχικα το 1993 απο τους Τακη Δρακοπουλο και Κωστα Σαλωμιδη.και μετα την ενταξη των Αγγελου Ιωαννιδη και Κωστα Φαρμακη αρχισαν τη συνθεση και τις προβες.

Το 1995 κυκλοφορησε το ομωνυμο demo,ομως μετα απο αυτο μια σειρα απο τραγικα γεγονοτα σημαδεψε το συγκροτημα.Αυτα οδηγησαν σε μια παυση και τελικα το 2005 επανασχηματιστηκαν και αφου επαιξαν support σε αρκετες συναυλιες,memory garden,scanner,pagan alter,τελικα μετα απο τοσα χρονια εφτασε επιτελους η ωρα για το πρωτο τους cd.

Κινουνται στο χωρο του doom metal με επιρροες απο CANDLEMASS,MEMENTO MORI,SOLITUDE AETERNUS.

Ο γνωστος μας Seth Siro Anton (paradise lost,moonspell..) εχει επιμεληθει το artwork του δισκου εξασφαλιζοντας ετσι την ποιοτητα του!

Απαρτιζεται απο 12 κομματια κι ας τα δουμε ενα ενα.

  1. "All love is lost..."ξεκινα πολυ ηρεμα αλλα οχι για πολυ..μιας και μια επιθεση κιθαριστικη αρχιζει μετα και το τραγουδι εξελισσεται σε ενα μεταλλικο κρεσεντο γεματο ομως με πονο κι απογνωση.
  2. "The beast" απο την πρωτη νοτα καταλαβαινεις τι σε περιμενει!!Doom μεχρις εσχατων στα καλυτερα του!
  3. "Ηonestly" εκπληκτικα περασματα σε ολη τη διαρκεια του τραγουδιου,ογκος και παθος.
  4. "Fetish" εδω το κυριο ρολο τον παιρνουν τα drums αρχικα και μετα τα πληκτρα και μια αποκοσμη,ψυχεδελικη φωνη,για να μας αποτελειωσει ενας κιθαριστικος κεραυνος!
  5. "Dirty game" κομματι στα χναρια των Candlemass αλλα πιο αγριο.
  6. "Μr Holy" μια πιο απλη συνθεση χωρις πολλες εξαρσεις.
  7. "Getting closer" συγχρονο doom με περασματα απο πληκτρα εντονα riffs,γυναικεια φωνητικα κι εντονη ατμοσφαιρα.
  8. "Queen of Doom"oτι ακριβως λεει ο τιτλος!!Θα μπορουσε ανετα να ειναι σε καποιο δισκο των CANDLEMASS!!!Απιστευτη συνθεση,απο τα highlights του album.
  9. "Prostitute" αλλη μια συνθεση με εκπλητικη τεχνικη και ογκο!
  10. "Hymn of Differentiation"αλλη μια τυπικη συνθεση στο γνωστο υφος αλλα απλη σχετικα.
  11. "Empty eyes and blackened"το τραγουδι ηδη γνωστο μιας και ειχαμε ηδη δει το video εδω και καμποσο καιρο.Τελικα τα παιδια εχουν ανεβασει πολυ ψηλα το επιπεδο!
  12. "Nihilism" last but not least...και καπου εδω τελειωνει το ταξιδι μας με τον καλυτερο τροπο.

Ας κανουμε λοιπον εναν συνολικο απολογισμο.Μιλαμε για ενα δισκο συγχρονου doom metal,με εμπνευση συνθετικη,πιστο στο ειδος του αλλα με πολλα συγχρονα στοιχεια,με εξαιρετικη τεχνικη και παιξιμο,πολυ καλο δεσιμο,και σεβασμο στον ακροατη σε ολα τα επιπεδα!

Τελικα πρεπει να παραδεχτειτε ολοι οτι η Ελληνικη σκηνη εχει groups που αξιζουν την προσοχη σας.Αυτα μας τιμουν με τετοιες δουλειες..ας τα τιμησουμε κι εμεις.Ειναι καιρος να τους δωσουμε την ευκαιρια που τους αξιζει!

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Wenn ich an Griechenland denke und dabei mal Fußball und Essen ausklammere, dann bleibt im musikalischen Sinne nicht viel übrig. Okay, in den letzten Monaten/Jahren kommen immer mehr Bands aus Hellas, die von internationalen wie nationalen Medien abgefeiert werden und ich kann nicht mehr als mit den Schultern zucken. Weder die Suicidal Angels noch Firewind finde ich wirklich prickelnd. Allenfalls ganz nett, aber wirklich gefallen ist doch etwas anderes.

Nun drängen sich Sorrows Path in meinen Fokus und versuchen sich in einer meiner liebsten Musikstile: Doom.

Jedenfalls sagt dies das Info, aber bei ersten Song “All Love Is Lost” scheint das noch nicht zur Band durchgedrungen zu sein, denn sie klingen eher Power Metallisch und bewegen sich nicht im harten, mid/downtempo Bereich den ich erwartet bzw erhofft habe. Sogar progressive, leicht orientalische Parts werden eingestreut, was meine Verwirrung noch weiter steigert. Doch mit “The Beast” holen mich die Jungs wieder auf den Teppich, denn hier kann man dann die größten Einflüsse der Griechen endlich erkennen. Diese scheinen Black Sabbath (Tony Martin Phase), Candlemass und Solitude Aeturnus zu sein, was allesamt absolute Lieblinge des kleinen Claudio sind.

“The Beast” fasziniert durch famose Gitarrenarbeit, die manche Überraschung birgt, einer schönen Melodie und gesunder Grundhärte. Das Sänger Angelos gegenüber Leuten wie Tony Martin, Rob Lowe oder Messiah Marcolin abfällt, wollen wir ihm jetzt noch nicht ankreiden. Leider hält diese Faszination nicht wirklich lange an, denn viele der Songs auf “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” kranken daran recht gleichförmig zu sein und man kann nach einer gewissen Gewöhnungsphase nicht mehr von Überraschungen sprechen, denn der erste Eindruck festigt sich und man glaubt die Songs schon in und auswendig zu kennen. Stop! Ich will und kann nicht sagen, dass die Musil der Griechen langweilt oder in irgendeiner Form schlecht, uninspiriert oder tranig. Für mich ist die Musik einfach zu gleichförmig, setzt immer auf dieselben Elemente und wenn keine wirklichen Überraschungen mehr geschehen, dann geschieht halt etwas, dass mit Langeweile oder Eintönigkeit beschrieben werden kann.

Und nun noch einmal zu Sänger Angelos. Es ist natürlich schwer gegen die Topsänger des Doombiz anzustinken, aber sich an Songs zu versuchen, die den Anschein haben, dass sie erst mit möglichst gewaltigen Stimmvolumen ausgefüllt werden müssen, grenzt entweder an Selbstüberschätzung oder liegt am Produzenten. Er kann singen, keine Frage, aber sein leicht an klassische Metal/Rock Sänger angelehntes Organ, dass mich mehr als einmal entfernt an Klaus Meine erinnert (warum auch immer), entwickelt nicht genug Druck um den Hörer umzublasen. Auch spreche ich gerne von dem Schlag Wahnsinn den Sänger im Doom Metal, wobei ich mit der Bezeichnung bei Sorrows Path nicht ganz zufrieden bin, transportieren sollte. Klipp und klar gesagt Sorrows Path sind einfach zu brav und dürften anstatt der Doomklientel eher den Normalo-Metaller ansprechen.

Wer gerne Power Metal, aus Europa vornehmlich, hört und auch langsameren Passagen nicht abgeneigt ist, der sollte bei Sorrows Path mal ein Ohr riskieren. Auch Doomer sollten vielleicht mal einen Test fahren, denn es muss ja nicht immer langsam und gewaltig sein. Mir fehlt noch der kleine Touch Wahnsinn, auch wenn es in Songs wie “Dirty Game” mehr oder minder versucht wird, und mehr Härte in der Musik. Nichtsdestotrotz handelt es sich bei “The Rough Part Of Nihilism” um eines, vielleicht sogar das beste, Release aus Griechenland in den letzten Monaten. Zwar fehlt noch einiges um in die absolute Spitzengruppe vorzustoßen, aber für einen Achtungserfolg reicht es allemal.

Mehr Härte, mehr Eigenständigkeit, mehr Wahnsinn und auch ich kann mich endlich zufrieden geben oder ganz einfach mehr Songs wie “The Beast”, denn dieser Song ist wirklich Hervorragend.

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Da sind sie wieder! Das vier Jahre alte Debut (genauer gesagt eine Wiederveröffentlichung der beiden Demos) gefiel mir seinerzeit richtig gut, die Griechen klangen so, wie es sich für hellenische Kutten- und Schwertträger gehört: Episch, majestätisch, etwas melancholisch und eher kauzig als glatt. Eine schöne Mischung aus Epic, Power und Doom Metal - und wer glaubt, Sorrows Path hätten sich mittlerweile dem Metalcore hingegeben, sieht sich enttäuscht. Natürlich sind sie keinen Meter von ihrer Linie abgewichen, was mich sehr freut, denn auch "The rough path of nihilism" ist absolut gelungen. Die getragenen Kompositionen sind kraftvoll und doch zähflüssig; kein reiner Doom aber durchaus hiervon beeinflußt. Majestätisch und doch nicht vordergründig posig oder offensichtlich heroisch wie viele andere Epic Metal-Bands aus südlichen Gefilden. Lyrisch-philosophisch angehaucht, ein Erbe der ältesten Demokratie der Welt. Und irgendwie wohnt der Musik von Sorrows Path auch dieses typisch mediterrane Feeling inne, wie es beispielsweise auch Heathendom, Reflection oder Forsaken verbreiten. Epic Power Doom aus dem Olivenhain, wenn man so will. Songtechnisch können die Griechen überzeugen, auch die Produktion läßt keine Wünsche offen; wer seinen Metal zeitlos und eigenwillig mag, ist hier richtig. Ich hoffe, Sorrows Path schaffen es auch mal zum einen oder anderen Gig in unsere Gefilde.

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Schon lange wandeln die Griechen von SORROWS PATH in den Gefilden des Doom Metals. Zu einer Vielzahl von Veröffentlichungen hat es für die Band aber noch nicht gereicht, wie das erst zweite Studioalbum, "The Rough Path Of Nihilism", zu erkennen gibt. Dabei haben die Südosteuropäer durchaus Klasse. Vor allem instrumental verstehen es SORROWS PATH den Hörer zu fesseln, wenn man sich etwa anhand der Gitarrenspuren an SOLITUDE AETURNUS und Konsorten erinnert fühlt.

Schon der Opener "All Love is Lost" macht deutlich, dass die Band bemüht ist, anspruchsvolles und abwechslungsreiches Material abzuliefern. Denn nach einem akustisch säuselnden Beginn brechen die Gitarren mit brachialer Gewalt die Idylle. Zudem werden auch orientalische Elemente verwoben - nicht zuletzt auch deshalb der Vergleich zu den Doom-Granden von SOLITUDE AETURNUS. Doch bereits in diesem ersten Song macht sich auch der Schwachpunkt von SORROWS PATH bemerkbar: Sänger Angelos Ioannidis. Zwar besitzt der Frontmann eine gute Stimme, doch sind die Vocals zu monoton - gerade in einer etwas höheren Tonlage wie derjenigen von Angelos Ioannidis lullt solch ein Gesang etwas ein. Da helfen dann auch die gelegentlich eingebrachten Growls, verzerrte Gesangspassagen ("Honestly...") sowie Choransätze im Verbund mit Frauengesang ("Fetish") wenig.

Instrumental machen die Griechen aber Vieles richtig. Eine Vielzahl von Gitarrensoli und eine Break-freudige Schlagzeugperformance lassen den Hörer in Zustimmung nicken. Zudem gibt es immer wieder auch Ausflüge in experimentellere Spielarten sowie in den Power Metal. Dennoch wirken manche Tracks wie Lückenfüller, die kaum oder gar keinen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen. Doch gut die Hälfte der Songs kann instrumental und vom Songwriting her durchaus überzeugen.

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